2xTim otherwise known as Outrageous, or Rage, is the literal definition of a rolling stone. Tim, born in Connecticut moved to Los Angeles at the age of 2, up to Sacramento / Bay Area at the age of 8 and ultimately Seattle, Washington.  At age 9 his parents split up which led to his mother and father living in rival gang neighborhoods in northern Sacramento. Shortly after 2xTim and close friend Carrafa connected his father and Carrafa’s mother together and they became life partners in which Tim now had three new brothers, two of which living with him in North Sacramento. Shortly after this, his stepmother would also be arrested for armed robbery. She would eventually be given a life sentence for her role in the robbery, which resulted in a murder of an armored car guard by a close family friend and Carrafa’s godfather Magoo. Needless to say Tim has seen his share of the street life. His love for Hip-Hop in general would lead him into exploring many different forms of art from emceeing to dj'ing and even graffiti writing. While not totally legal, the art kept him out of the gangs that were claiming the lives of a lot of his friends. 

A friend of Tim's who was hustler but also had musical aspirations saw the talent in him and decided to invest some money in equipment for them to get some music made. From then it was on. 2xTim and Carrafa won a music competition “Apollo in the City” and received music law guidance from heavy weight music attorney’s, and A&R’s in the industry. It didn't take long for him to start catching the ear of those in the heavily talented Bay Area music scene. Soon 2xTim would be working with some of the most legendary names in the Bay Area such as Mac Dre, Sean-T, Messy Marv, San Quinn, Goldie Gold, Young Droop, and the list goes on. After making a name for himself in the Bay with multiple releases and collaborations, Tim decided to relocate his family to Seattle due to over priced living cost’s and violence which landed right on his own doorstep.  Once in Seattle, much like the Bay Area, Tim started making a buzz for himself and was soon working with some of the most well-known names in Seattle and surrounding areas such as Fatal Lucciauno, Ill Chris, Anthony Danza, and Dice Cunningham. His single with the aforementioned Dice Cunningham, "I Love My Life", even got a lot of love on major radio in Seattle from KUBE93, as well as his single “Money Don’t Fold” featuring E-40 was played on radio stations worldwide, and years later his album “Seattle” received the album of the year award at the 2017 Seattle sound music awards, which was entirely produced by 2xTim and his production team “500aDay” consisting of himself, 206-A$$A$$IN, and Gordon James aka Recordin’ Gordon.

Being the all around hustler that he is, 2xTim has no plans of stopping to take a break. With the formation of his label, Two Time Ent. or 2xEnt the plans have only gotten bigger. 2xTim is sitting on a stockpile of music from not only him, but the rest of his Two Time Ent. artists and affiliates as well. These would include releases with and from artists like 206-Assassin, Lady-P, Fatal Lucciauno, Prano Tha Don, Coup D Santana, YK-TMV, MShermBeatz, and more.  All though 2xTim has remained consistent dropping over 35 albums through the years, the beginning has yet to come.

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